Gold FAQ

Why should I sell my gold to Fast Cash instead of mailing it off to some unknown buyer?
Because Fast Cash pays alot more than the mail in gold buyers, up to 4 times as much in most cases.*

How Fast do I get paid for my gold?
Right away…and in cash!

What kind of gold do you buy?
Fast Cash Gold Centers pays fast cash for anything containing Gold

How do you determine the value of my gold or platinum?
After weighing and testing the gold’s karat content, we apply the day’s New York spot gold prices.

Do you buy gold coins?
We buy all gold coins. We will give you a cash amount based on the gold content/karat of the coin and its weight.

How do I know what karat my gold is?
Bring your gold into any one of our 16 Denver area locations and our experts will examine your gold for hallmarks and other indications of your gold’s karat

Can you give me an exact price before seeing an item?
Yes, if you know the karat and the weight of your gold in grams, otherwise, to fairly value your gold or jewelry we have to see it, but be assured you WILL get the best price at Fast Cash

Do you buy broken jewelry or items missing stones?
Sure! Fast Cash Gold Centers pay top prices for broken and damaged jewelry.

Why should I sell my gold today?
Gold is at an all time high, and there has never been a better time to sell your old gold.

I’m not sure if my gold is authentic.
Simply bring it in to any of 16 convenient Denver Area locations and our trained staff will be able to determine if your item is real gold or not.