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  • Bracelet- 14k (4.4 DWT)


    Timothy’s Fine Jewelry Broomfield - $112.50

    Trice Jewelers Centennial - $120

    Golden Nugget Gold Buyers Englewood - $87.30

    Gold Rush Denver - $100

    David Ellis Cherry Creek - $130

    Fast Cash Paid - $175

  • Nugget Watch-14k (26.3 DWT)


    Fast Cash Paid - $600

  • Nugget Bracelet-10k (11.7 DWT)


    Fast Cash Paid - $282

  • Nugget Ring- 10k (2.8 DWT)


    Fast Cash Paid - $67

  • Wedding Band- 14k (5.6 DWT)


    Fast Cash Paid - $210

  • Bracelet-14k (16.7 DWT)


    Fast Cash Paid - $600

  • 10 1/10 oz USA Eagle $5 Gold Coins(1 Troy oz)


    Fast Cash Paid - $1500

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